25th of January

There was a revolution in Egypt from 25th of January to 18th of February. From the first day, there were sacrifices in the Tahrir square untill the president Mubarak employed Ahmed Shafik as the prime minister of Egypt. There were thieves who came down to rob the people not to protest and i was standing in the street to protect my home until the president left the country. I was very happy.


place i want to visit

when i was young i wanted to go to disney land to see mickie mouse and batoot and play very much with them and     play in each game

i love man united

i burned my self

on day when i was my mum was doing the food in the kitchen . i entered it and i pulled the shirt of my mum and i was burned

my mum told me this story and said that i cried a lotttt!!!!!!!!!!!

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one day in my life , i was in the north coast , i was playing in the sea i saw a shark under my leg . i jumped on it and started to scream and the guards get a boat and come and hunted it  then i came out

i decided not to play in the north coast sea

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i am very happy to make the blog

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